Before lessons can begin..

We recommend you read at least one of the following required readings before your child begins KSA lessons:

  • To Learn with Love, William and Constance Starr
  • Teaching from the Balance Point, Edward Kreitman (You can find this at Johnson Strings online).
  • Ability Development from Age Zero, Shinichi Suzuki

Begin creating a musical environment for your child by:

  • Attending free classical concerts at UT (You can find a list of upcoming concerts here:
  • Listening daily to classical music on the radio (try 91.9, WUOT)
  • Listening daily to the Suzuki Vol. 1 CD of the child’s desired instrument
  • Attending any of the recitals or concerts offered by the Academy, or other classical musical concerts.

Our Expectations

The Suzuki method is dependent on the Suzuki Triangle: the partnership between the Teacher, Parent, and Student. Parents are expected to:

  • Be present, take notes and participate in the child’s lesson. If possible, make a video of each lesson to refer to during the week before the next lesson.
  • Practice daily with the student guided by the Suzuki philosophy as described in the required reading.
  • – Gain a basic understanding of the instrument oneself to facilitate more successfully leadership in at-home practice with the Suzuki student.
  • Play the CD of the current Suzuki volume being studied regularly at the home
  • The first two lessons are for the parent only, in order to acclimate them to the instrument and prepare them to be better at-home teachers for their children.
  • Note: this investment of your energies will also demonstrate to your child the importance of this activity.

Tuition & Billing

Start-up Cost: All new students at the KSA will need to pay a a one-time $50 registration fee upon sign-on and an annual fee of $125 each September 1st. Tuition includes 45 lessons a year, which is roughly 4 private lessons each month, and 1-hour group class at the appropriate level. The four vacation weeks are arranged directly with your KSA teacher.

Trial Lesson

$2530 minutes

30 Minute Lessons


45 Minute Lessons


60 minute lessons


Additional Information