Why Choose Knoxville Suzuki Academy

The Knoxville Suzuki Academy is East Tennessee’s premier organization for children’s music lessons. Directed by Dr. Wesley Baldwin and Geoffrey Herd, each child’s curriculum is supervised by two of the most sought after pedagogues in the southeast.

The Academy features the world-renowned Suzuki method of instruction, and all of our string faculty are trained Suzuki teachers, registered with the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Each child’s music lessons will be a collaboration between teacher, parent, and child, and feature a nurturing, encouraging, yet disciplined approach.

Fun Lessons for Kids

Suzuki Trained Instructors

20 Years of Experience

300+ Happy Clients

Flexible Timetable

2 Convenient locations

Knoxville Suzuki Academy in Knoxville, TN
Knoxville Suzuki Academy in Knoxville, TN
Knoxville Suzuki Academy in Knoxville, TN
Knoxville Suzuki Academy in Knoxville, TN

The Suzuki Approach

The ideas of parent responsibility, loving encouragement, constant repetition, etc., are some of the special features of the Suzuki approach.

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Performances by just a few of our outstanding students

Our Blog

Meet Jeanine Wilkinson

My name is Jeanine Wilkinson and I joined the KSA faculty in July. I do have a bio on the KSA website but I thought I would use this blog post as an opportunity to tell a little bit more about myself. As most musicians, I don’t do one thing. I have my hand in…

Slade Trammel

If musicians of all instruments and genres could agree on one theme that probably characterized their years of lessons, that theme could very well be keeping a steady beat. “Keep it steady!” has been drilled into students by music teachers since the beginning of time. This is, of course, for good reason; if music is…

Meet Slade Trammel

Slade Trammel will be joining the KSA piano faculty in February. Well known in this region as both a performer and teacher, we are thrilled to have Slade joining our KSA faculty roster. KSA co-director Wesley Baldwin and Slade sat down for a conversation about his thoughts on music, piano, and teaching. Wesley Baldwin: We…